Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Swimbait Muddler

Part muddler minnow, deceiver, and part swim bait. #flyfishing #flytying #streamer 

Pattern Recipe: (as tied)
Hook: Ahrex PR378 – GB Swimbait
Size: 4 - 1
Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk 100 Denier Predator 6/0 White
Keel Weight: 7 wraps of .025 lead-free wire
Keel Dressing: Optional (White thread covered with Solarez Fly-Tie Colors Silver or pearl nail polish) Tail Support: White Bucktail
Tail: 4 White Saddle Hackle
Body: EP Brush Invader 2.5” wide Grey Olive (3-4 wraps)
Under Wing: Senyo Barred Predator Wrap (Barred UV)
Over Wing: Blue Saddle Hackle
Head: Spun and Clipped Natural Deer Hair

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