Monday, December 27, 2010

Review 2010

Now that most of the holidays have passed I starting my review of some of my most effective patterns. One fly that has done well this year is my Tan UV Caddis which has become my go to anchor fly on my Polish/Czech or if you like Euro-Nymphing setup. Not only does it get the other flies down on the bottom but fish take it regularly.

Hook – Jig Head
Size – 1/125 – 1/80
Thread –8/0 Orange
Body – Ice Dub UV Tan
Hot Spot – Hot Orange
Rib – .32 gauge Brown or Copper Wire
Legs – Rust Dun CDC Fibers

One of the last Brown's that fell victim to the Tan UV Caddis.
You may notice most of the gold is worn off the fly.
I don't know if it's the the tan UV Ice Dub, the Hot Spot, the CDC legs or all of the above, but it works.  I went through all the flies I tied last winter, and I'm going to tie double this winter.

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