Thursday, February 17, 2011

UV Chewee Rock Worm

UV Chewee Rock Worm

Hook – Any Heavy Grub hook
Size – 8 - 12
Thread – 8/0 or 6/0 Black or Olive
Head – Black Tungsten Bead
Thorax – Hairline Black UV Ice Dub
Abdomen – Caddis-Green UV Chewee Skin
Rib – .32 gauge Green Parawire

While tying at a CJTU meeting I started playing around with UV Chewee Skin.  I've seen it on the web and at the shows, so I've decided adapted it with one of my most productive patterns (Green Rock Worm).  Rhyacophila larvae are abundant in most freestone streams and because of behavioural drift they are always breaking free from the bottom and tumbling down stream.  This pattern and all Rhyacophila patterns work great in a Czech/Euro nymph set-up.  It's a quick pattern to tie and follow the K.I.S.S. rule.

 1. Mash down barb, slide on bead and secure in wire.
 2. Tie in UV Chewee Skin.
3. Wrap UV Chewee Skin forward.
 4. Wind wire forward to create a ribbing.
5. Dub Thorax and whip finish.


  1. I've been having trouble finding chewee skin in fly shops. I really need to order some online. nice bug. Did you see the one they posted on the "thisriveriswild" blog? They did a caddis where they used the chewee skin, but then coated it with UV epoxy. Looked nice as well.

  2. You can find it online has it as well as some others. A sheet cost $4.95. Thanks for turning me onto "thisriveriswild" blog. I do like there caddis pattern.

  3. Great fly buddy! I'm going to tie some of these up tonight! Like your blog. I just started following