Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening window between storms.

Here in New Jersey we've been hit with a lot of rain this past week. As you can see from my "Finally a Day on the Water - NOT" there was a lot of water in our system. Here is a graph from the USGS of the stream I frequent.

Now I typically monitor several streams I fish to determine which has the best water so I can have a better fishing. Factor in time of year and temperatures you'll have a good chance in predicting hatches with this information. Cabin fever is a funny thing. Normally don't fish this river when it's above 7 feet, because is wading is hell, but the fever had me in it's hold so I went for it.

The best that could happen is I get a few fish, and the worst is I going for a swim and bouncing down stream. Neither happen. What transpired was a unbelievable day . Once I found the fish it was hard keeping them off off. The sad note was I lost two 24" fish. A rainbow that shot out to fast water and took off down stream (I could do nothing unless I want to go for a swim), and a brown I lost at the net when my point fly got hooked the net, and the brown broke off. No regrets like I said it was an incredible day. The top producer was a black rubber leg stone fly. All the fish were in great shape thanks to all the snow and rain this winter.

Here are a few photos.

This Bow took the UV Chewee Rock Worm.
This Bow took the Black Rubber Leg.
Healthy brown.
Another on a Black Rubber Leg.
A healthy Rainbow.
This Bow took the The Gubbler.
My Green Rock Work worked this time.
The Release.
Yet another on a Black Rubber Leg.

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