Monday, January 2, 2012

Scuds and Belated Happy New Year

Belated Happy New Year!!!

Scuds have nothing to do with the New Year.  I just fish them more in the winter when not much else is happening hatch-wise.

Scuds are found in most waters. Most are herbivores and scavengers feeding on the detritus (leaf litter and dead stuff). They're light sensitive and prefer low-light conditions - dawn, dusk and cloudy days. I've found them to be a great searching pattern when nothing much is going on. Now who wouldn't like a shrimp cocktail before your main course?  Unless of course you have a food allergy. Lucky trout don't.

My K.I.S.S. Scud is my go-to-pattern, but you can use any imitation. Remember they're fast movers with seven pair of legs, so trout don't have time to inspect your fly.

Typical Scud, notice the detritus.

K.I.S.S. Scud in the lip.

Let's see that Brown.

Rainbows large,

and small love scuds.

 K.I.S.S. Scud


  1. Nice post, Lou. It's one of those flies no one should leave home without!

  2. That is one FAT rainbow!!!