Thursday, August 11, 2016

Regal Vise featured on Discovery's Science Channel Go - How It's Made

In the recent episode of How It's Made (Season 20 Episode 10) we get to see how the Regal Vise is made.

REGAL VISE - The World’s Best Fly Tying Vises and accessories.

REGAL VISE is a family owned business New England. All vises and accessories are are manufactured in U.S.A.
All their products are made by fly tiers and anglers for tiers and anglers.

In full disclosure I'm an Endorsed Regal Tier.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

MFPD Pocket Picker Nymph

Last year Kevin Compton owner of Performance Flies and I got together to film him tying up some of the patterns he is best know for and popularizing.

Kevin is bring some of best materials and patterns from the European competitive fly fishing scene to the states. As well as introducing tiers and anglers to these new materials and methods he is also has Jack Mickievicz's original materials such as Honeybug Cotton Chenille, Jack's original dubbing blends and genuine DuPont Antron yarn.

MFPD Pocket Picker Nymph is a pattern designed by Peter Durisik of Slovakia and tied here by Kevin.


MFPD Pocket Picker Nymph


Hook:      Hanak H230BL #14-16
Head:      3/32 Gold Tungsten Bead
Thread:   UTC 70 Watery Olive
Tails:       Coq de Leon Fibers, Medium Prodo
Rib #1:    Synthetic Quill Body, Graphite
Rib #2:    Sybai XF Gold Wire
Tip:         Glo-Brite Floss, Hot Orange #6
Body:      UTC 70 Watery Olive Thread
Thorax:   Pine Squirrel with UV Flash

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