Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jersey Angler and Tenkara take 2

My buddy Jersey Angler posted this comment on his blog with regards to my video post.

"I like how he gets me on film almost falling on my ass but doesn't show me landing the fish.  Thanks buddy"!

So here is the second take.

Landing the Rainbow.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jersey Angler and Tenkara

Got my first taste of Tenkara a few weeks ago while fishing with "Jersey Angler" here is some of the video I shot.

Nice little Bow. "Correction a little Brown"

Another Bow taken.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Opening Day and Pentax W90

This year I decided to purchase a Pentax W90 to take with me while fishing.  I love my Nikon D200 and Canon G9, but it's a lot to lug around.  I used the G9 with a underwater housing, which works great, but it's bulky.  So far the W90 is turning out to be a good light rugged fishing camera, the noise level is acceptable but no where near my other cameras.  On the plus side it shoots 720p video which looks good.

It was a good opening day and the camera performed well.

Rainbow taken on Jersey Anglers "Pink Czech Nymph".

 Underwater shot with the Pentax W90

Rainbow taken on a "Tan UV Caddis."

 Brown taken on a "Ice Pheasant Tail."

 Smile for the camera.

  Smile for the camera take 2.

 Smile for the camera take 3.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Opening Day Weekend

Opening day of trout season open on April 10th this year.  Here are a few photos from Pre-Opening Day Dinner.

My accommodations.

Jersey Angler shows up in his newest 2010 T.F.M. t-shirts.

 The anti-vegan dinner.

The cook "Yours Truly"

A Camp Fire

Plenty of fish stories and tall tales.