Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bugger Off

If your like me you have a collection of fishing cloths. If you've purchased some in recently you may have the brands treated with insect repellent, some which may last 40 washings. It goes without saying these treated cloths cost 2 to 3 times there non-treated counter parts.

So what's one to do if you don't want to buy all new fishing cloths with the insect repellent. Well you can do it yourself. This DYI project won't last as long as the brand named cloths, but it works. I've been doing this for several years and it works.

Caution must be taken this repellent is nasty stuff. Avoid contact with your skin, eyes, and lungs and do not apply to the interior of your clothing. Read and follow the instructions.

Apply the repellent outdoors on a windless day and wearing gloves.

You can pick-up this or other brands at your local camping/hunting store. One can will treat 4 garments.

Two cans treated 3 shirts, 4 pants and 1 hat. Now all my fishing cloths are treated for a fraction of the cost. I find I only have to do this once a year especially when I going to fish where there a ton of blood sucking insects.

I'd say that this works for 95% of the places I fish, but there are those places where you do have to supplement the your DYI "Bugger Off" cloths.

I'd purchase the Ben's at my local EMS and this post is not a recommendation for one product over another. You can find others brands at you local camping, fishing or hunting shop.

On my recent trip to Montana's Yellowstone country I can tell you my Bugger Off clothing performed brilliantly. While my buddy Rick was being attacked on our way to Grebe Lake I was virtually untouched. The only insect bites I received were on my hand, which was untreated.

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  1. I'm gonna have to give this stuff a try.
    Thanks for posting.