Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crane Fly time, and the one that got away.

Now that Hendrickson and Grannom hatches are behind us now it's the slow time before the next super hatch "Sulfurs."

There are plenty of bugs on the water tan, olive and black caddis, but the Crane flies are starting to hatch.  For me that's when I go back to nymphing and fish a Walt's worm, Sawyer's Killer Bug or my K.I.S.S. Crane fly larva.  One thing I've noticed is that there are no subtle takes, more like a Bullet train.

The Bullet train story I have is of one that got away.  I hooked a monster brown I'd estimate 24" plus, no wait I think it was 30" plus.  Either way it was a good brown with shoulders that hit hard and I was running me up and down the pool.  I'd lost him when during the fight a 16" Rainbow took my top dropper went one way and the Brown went the other.  The train derailed and I was left with smaller fish was at the end of my line.  The expletives flew, and I was cursing what was a respectable Rainbow, because it blew my chance at the fish of the day.  Why was I not fishing 20 lb. Fluorocarbon?

I should have packed up and headed for home but the fishing was too good, so I stayed and landed many more fish, but non as large as that 38" Brown.

Here are some of fish who recently fell victim to the K.I.S.S. Crane fly larva and one Rainbow who ran interference.

Crane Fly Larva in the jaw.

Rainbow who ran interference.

Nice wild Brown.

The beast I landed.


  1. Lou and anyone else considering going down the slippery slope that is fishing crane fly larva patterns, please see the following before it's too late.


    If not for yourself, do it for the kids.


    1. Tim,

      Jason sent me some yarn, I didn't know it was that addicting. That explains the munchies.