Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sulphur...are post is late.

The Sulphur this year are two weeks earlier than last year.  Mind you last year was wet and cooler than this year, but with the low water this year everything is early.  It make it a little harder trying to time the hatches, but that's life.

As The Jersey Angler said to me in his last tweet "that's old news dude. Where have you been."  It's obvious I've not been on the stream at the beginning of the Sulphur hatch, but I do make up for lost time.

In 2010 the Sulphur hatch started around May 22, and in 2011 because of the wet spring it was May 28 and by The Jersey Angler accounts this years hatch started around May 11, 2012.  That's a big spread, but I'm afraid with funky weather patterns this is going to be the norm.

Sulphur Spinner returning to lay eggs.
Here is a short hypnotic video of this years spinners returning back in the evening to lay eggs.

 The last thing to add is make sure you have some Rusty spinners.


  1. The Sulphurs got here about a week ago. My favorite hatch!

    1. Sulphurs are always a good hatch here. They're tappering off now. Last weekend was stellar. Nothing like heads and tails on spinners.