Monday, April 11, 2011

Open Day Weekend

Opening day of trout season one can say is no different than any other day on a trout stream. After all the trout and the bugs don't know what day it is, they are in the business of survival and sex. While we also concern ourselves with sex and survival we add rituals help us mark time and remember.

One ritual I and many other anglers partake in is opening day of trout season. Some states have longer close season so trout may reproduce and the young of the year have a fair chance of developing. Whether your streams are closed for three weeks or several months opening day opens the possibilities of trophy trout, socializing with friends, and enjoying nature.

We pass on these traditions and rituals to our offspring sharing experience and memories. Here are some photographs of this years trout opening day weekend. I only guided my oldest son this weekend and didn't wet a line once. With the smiles on his face there was no need.

First cast, eyes on the drift.
Caddis focused on one thing.
"Caddis Porn"
Trout to the net.
Grip and Grin
Grip and Grin take two.
Fish of the day, need I say more.
With all the caddis on the rocks the trout were readily taking a Hare's Ear Nymph and Hare's Ear Winged Wet on the swing.

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  1. Great post and pictures. The smile says it all. We will be in the turkey woods on a youth hunt for out fishing opener but we will get out on Sunday hopefully.

    Thanks for sharing.
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