Saturday, April 16, 2011

River Clean-up

Point Mountain section.
Every year Central Jersey TU (my chapter) as well as other NJ TU chapters in association with Musconetcong Watershed Association and South Branch Watershed Association have there annual river clean-up.  This year it was cloudy and cold but once we started to walk the banks of the river we warmed up quite quickly.  The big hauls were several tires, a mattress, and ton of bottles, cans and coffee cups.  It's amazing how every year we manage to pick-up lots of garbage (everyone felt there was less this year).  At least this year there were large items like  shopping carts and washing machines (a good sign). We were out on the Musconetcong river and our group spent four hours cleaning up a 4 mile section of river.  We were lucky, the rains held off until after the clean-up and lunch. 

River Road and Rt. 31 section.

Can and bottle in the clear bags.

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  1. That is great to see all the garbage being removed. It makes me sick to see all the garbage along the road and streams after the snow melts. I am actually heading out tomorrow with my two kids to go and clean up my local streams. I am sure I will fill up a few garbage bags. Nice Work!