Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Fall Review

This year, the fall fishing was more like fishing in the spring.  Our water levels shot up after hurricane Irene.  Some say it was a 100-year event, but I think it was closer to a 500-year event.  The high water levels weren’t bad; it just wasn't what you'd expect.  The trout that remain have good water levels, and judging by the river gauges the ground water is recharged.

The other difference was the foliage. It hung around longer because of the drought-like conditions in the late summer and excessive rain in the fall.  That's not a bad thing.  I use the dropped foliage as a clock to know what bugs to use and where to find the trout.  It's just a guide. I also use it consciously and unconsciously to locate per-spawn Brown Trout and Rainbows that are looking for egg. 

The two biggest impacts on the fall fishing was hurricane Irene and the early wet and heavy snow.  Irene moved a lot of boarders, which altered pools and habitats. Now my old home waters are anew.  The early snow and downed foliage caused lots of property damage.  Cleaning up cut into my fishing time more than anything else. Besides these minor obstacles, I got my share of trout and spent some fine days on the water.

Here's the usual trout porn from this fall's outings.

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  1. Nice fish. And you're right, all the local waters are definitely new again.