Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Simms - Recalls Wading Staffs

I know a few anglers how have had problems with the newer Simms wading staff. Usually with the bungee cord. I use a competitors collapsible wading staff when I fly, but I'd rather a good piece of hickory it make less noise in the river.

According to Angling Trade Magazine staffs sold from March 1, 2010 through June 17, 2010 are being recalled by Simms.

Simms is voluntarily recalling staffs with item numbers AWS101152 or AWS101156 (UPC numbers 94264-10102 or 94264-10103). The afflicted staffs are the 52” and 56” in sterling silver and have a silver cable connector. To see photos of the recalled product go to

For more information email Simms at or call (877) 789-6555 (toll free).

Personally I own Simms waders and clothing and think they make some of the best fishing products.

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