Monday, January 3, 2011

Smoke 'em if You Got 'em

I found this beautiful Speckled Trout (a.k.a Brook Trout) in the Library of Congress digital collection.  It's a Duke's Cigarette Card, date (?).

I drive by the Duke's Estate when I visit my parents I had no ideal of the history of Duke's Cigarettes nor the family history. All I knew was Doris Duke family business was in tobacco. I did not know until recently that they are responsible for the pre-rolled cigarette as we know it and the American Tobacco Company was one of the original 12 members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  American Tobacco Company became the largest tobacco company in the U.S. and was broken up in the 1911 by the Supreme Court through the Sherman Antitrust Act on the same day that it ordered the Standard Oil Trust to dissolve (in school Standard Oil got all the attention).

The American Tobacco Company was broken up in to American Tobacco Company, R. J. Reynolds, Liggett & Myers, and P. Lorillard.  American Tobacco Company later expanded in to non-tobacco products and renamed itself American Brands and has since been renamed Fortune Brands and no longer has tobacco interests. Some of Fortune Brands products are Jim Bean, Makers Mark, Moen, Master Locks, Pinnacle, and Titleist. Maybe I should by stock in Fortune Brands since I've consumed and used many of their brands.

I've not even touched on the it's history with Duke University and it's international businesses.  All this because I went looking for trout images in the Library of Congress digital collection.

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  1. Really interesting history lesson. I knew that at one time cigarettes had cards like bubble gum did or does. Beautiful.